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Chunky Newborn Arms!

Oh man, there is nothing like a newborn baby! I love newborn shoots for two reasons (and more, but the two biggest are:)

  1. Seeing this little miracle become a part of a family for the first time. how all the love that was there before them just expands and envelops them into the loving embrace is truly wonderous. My son asks me sometimes if my Love has a top, and i always tell him no, there is no top, there is not bottom, it goes higher than space. and a newborn encompasses just that feeling, the addition of a new little person, whether the first one or second or third, it doesn't divide the love, it multiplies it, for every person in the room - and i have the luck, as the photographer, to be infected by that joy for just a little while.

  2. seeing people's houses!! i love seeing where families make their lives, and doing a shoot at home with little ones is just the best thing i can think of. the kid/kids are more relaxed, and everyone is free to be more themselves, leading to the most wonderful, authentic photos!

Newborns are just amazing, not to mention the chunky arms, i might like that part the best!

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