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Haviland Lake

I met emily in 9th grade history class, i still remember we had an assignment to walk down the hall wehre a myriad of historical photographs had been posted and were supposed to do ... something with them, i can't recall the exact assignment. But i do remember that i ended up somehow chatting with this super vibrant dancer girl who was just as interested in the artists and artwork as i was, and being the nerdy theatre geek i was it was quite a special thing to be to be able to dork out about art with someone! From there we always were just around, not the best of friends, not in the same group (again, she was a cool dancer... i was not..) but she was someone i always delighted in talking to and seeing. our friendship has endured over the last decade, ebbing and flowing, but from my side, at least, with a constant admiration and joy at seeing the others beautiful life unfold. when i found out i was pregnant she supported my journey into motherhood with an enthusiasm which i would have never expected, and she is one of the mommies i can't imagine doing this journey without. So on this last trip to my home, when she coincidentally had a beautiful baby boy just days after i arrived i knew i had to photograph them. luckily she was willing as well, i have had the great fortune in my life to have beautiful friends who support my art and allow me to bother them with my camera often. here we went to the same location where she and her adorable husband had their wedding photos taken 7 (right, emily?!) years ago! To be able to meld the memories, the promise and expectation you feel on your wedding day with the incredible miracle of a family today was such a special experience, and i thank them so much for letting me be a part of it. this family is raising two boys with kindness, empathy, cuddles, responsibility, oodles of love, and most importantly, lots and lots of dinosaurs, this is them, they are love. they are a miracle, and i am truly honoured to call them my friends.

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