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Sundown and Sunflowers

We have had some stunning evening light this summer, and it's always such a dream to get to use! I had the perfect field of sunflowers picked for this shoot, and the morning of I drove out just to make sure it was still as i'd remembered, and it was - absolutely perfect! that evening we drove out, i was so thrilled, and as we pull off the main road i see a barren field before me, the wonderful field of perfect, friendly sunflowers was completely gone, sometime in the last 7 hours it was cut down... Luckily, there was another, smaller field across the road, so i just said we will use that one, to which the man replied, ok but it's being cut right now! And he was right! A tractor was literally levelling it was we spoke! well we ran over, and in between passes of the tractor would take our shots, and luckily between the light and the debris caused by the farm machinery there was a real magic in the air. This couple were absolute troopers, and i am so excited for them and the adventure they're about to take with their little miracle, they will be fabulous at it!

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