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germay america
family portrait
skydiving, new zealand

i come from a small town in the rocky mountains, surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes known to man, and a wonderful family. they were my first photography subjects, when i was thirteen i started doing film photography, and took my camera to family gatherings constantly to capture our lives. as my love of photography grew, so did my desire to see more of the world. during my masters studies at the university of denver, i took a year to study abroad in christchurch, new zealand. there i found even more beauty in this world, and a wonderful german man. together with him we bonded over photography, and ended up falling in love. i followed him back to bietigheim-bissingen and set up a life here in this beautiful county. 

i've been so lucky to find another home, another family, and have love spread across the whole world. and through it all my camera has been by my side, allowing me to paint with light and capture the small moments of life which are often overlooked and forgotten. that's what i search for with my photos, to find the beauty in the small moments, the imperfect and stunning truth of our families. my mom's wide laugh, my dads shy observation, my son's wild abandon, and my husband's kindness. and it's those things i love to discover about clients, as well. i love being a part of a family, for just a few moments and hopefully showing them the things they love about their family in a way they've not seen captured in a photo before. emotional, raw, naturally beautiful.

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